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Infographic: HIPAA Data Breaches on the Rise

October 2nd, 2015 by Melanie Matthews

HIPAA Data Breaches on the RiseHIPAA data breaches are rising, according to research conducted by Privacy Analytics Inc. for a new infographic, HIPAA Breaches 2009-2015.

Culling data from the Office of Civil Rights, Privacy Analytics found over 1,286 reported incidents affecting 153 million individuals at the time of publication. The largest breach was earlier this year from Anthem Insurance, reporting over 78 million records being breached. According to the Guide to the De-identification of Personal Health Information, the costs incurred for a breach – including notification, legal fines, legal fees, forensics, PR and more – is approximately $208 per person. The average data breach was over 100,000 records and cost $24 million. States with the highest number of individual records breached were Indiana, California and Washington State.

The infographic looks at breaches by type, the need for more HIPAA organizational knowledge and training and new data privacy and security challenges as the use of secondary health data grows.

HIPAA Training for Employees DVD
HIPAA Training for Employees DVD provides training on the following: privacy rule basics; use and disclosures; patient rights; employee behaviors to safeguard patient information; security rules; safeguards to protect patient information electronically; HITECH; breach identification and notification; enforcement; and level of fines.

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