Infographic: Addressing Social Determinants of Health Can Improve Community Health and Reduce Costs

Friday, December 6th, 2019
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Studies estimate that social determinants of health influence 50 percent of health outcomes, yet many communities are reporting unmet social needs like food insecurity or concerns about community safety, according to a new infographic by the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation.

The infographic offers an overview of the social determinants of health, their implications for health outcomes and costs, and solutions to address unmet needs.

2019 Healthcare Benchmarks: Social Determinants of HealthOne-third of Americans are grappling with stress tied to meeting their basic human needs such as stable housing, adequate food, and reliable transportation, according to the results of a new national survey from Kaiser Permanente. The survey, Social Needs in America, also found that Americans overwhelmingly want healthcare providers to be involved in identifying and addressing these non-medical social needs.

2019 Healthcare Benchmarks: Social Determinants of Health is the second comprehensive analysis by the Healthcare Intelligence Network of programs aimed at addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), including populations prioritized for SDOH screening, preferred screening tools, interventions, results and ROI.

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