Infographic: Telehealth’s Big Impact on the Patient Experience

Monday, January 14th, 2019
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

The growth of telehealth is being driven by younger consumers who bring heightened expectations for technology solutions to the patient experience, according to a new infographic by Spectrum Enterprise.

The infographic looks at what’s driving telehealth expectations, challenges in deploying telehealth and how changing policies on telehealth reimbursement may help remove barriers to its growth.

Real-time remote management of high-risk populations curbed hospitalizations, hospital readmissions and ER visits for more than 80 percent of respondents and boosted self-management levels for nearly all remotely monitored patients, according to 2014 market data from the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN).

Remote Monitoring of High-Risk Patients: Telehealth Protocols for Chronic Care Management profiles a successful eight-year initiative by New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation’s (NYCHHC) House Calls Telehealth Program that significantly lowered patients’ A1C blood glucose levels.

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