Infographic: Using Healthcare Staffing Evidence To Improve Patient Outcomes

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

While the healthcare industry’s goal to improve patient outcomes while simultaneously driving down costs, the impact of each health system’s workforce management strategy will be magnified, according to new infographic by API Healthcare.

The infographic details the increasing availability of reliable workforce analytics to empower healthcare organizations to achieve workforce optimization, propelling them to a successful synergy between patient outcomes and cost containment.

Using Healthcare Staffing Evidence To Improve Patient Outcomes

Since the January 2015 rollout by CMS of new chronic care management (CCM) codes, many physician practices have been slow to engage in CCM. Arcturus Healthcare, however, rapidly grasped the potential of CCM to improve patient outcomes while generating care coordination revenue, estimating it could earn up to $100,000 monthly for qualified patients treated in its four physician practices—or $1 million a year.

Medicare Chronic Care Management Billing: Evidence-Based Workflows to Maximize CCM Revenue traces the incorporation of CCM into Arcturus Healthcare’s existing care management efforts for high-risk patients, as well as the bonus that resulted from CCM code adoption: increased engagement and improved relationships with CCM patients.

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