Infographic: Leveraging Data To Improve Medication Compliance

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Some 75 percent of patients admit to not taking prescription medication as directed, according to a new infographic by SCIOInspire, Corp.

The infographic examines the extent of medication non-adherence, the impact on care quality and outcomes and how data can be used to reduce non-adherence.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Medication ManagementMedication management is the standard of care that ensures each patient’s medications (whether prescription, nonprescription, alternative, etc.) are individually assessed for appropriateness, effectiveness, safety given the individual’s comorbidities, other medications and ability to be taken as intended, according to a 2012 Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative definition. And while medications represent only a fraction of overall medical cost, they wield considerable influence over patients’ chronic condition outcomes, utilization, cost and care experiences.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Medication Management compiles actionable data on the infrastructure, challenges and outcomes of medication management initiatives, based on responses from 101 healthcare organizations to the August 2016 Medication Management survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. Click here for more information.

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