Infographic: The Millennial Physician Mindset

Monday, July 4th, 2016
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Some 59 percent of millennial physicians believe that being a millennial impacts their practice approach, usually with a more collaborative relationship with their patients, according to a new infographic by the Health Experience Project.

The infographic examines how millennial physicians engage their patients and the type of support that millennial physicians want from pharmaceutical companies.

A profitable by-product of CMS’s aggressive pursuit of value-based healthcare delivery is a menu of revenue opportunities associated with care management of the Medicare population.

Physician Reimbursement in 2016: 4 Billable Medicare Events to Maximize Care Management Revenue and Results details the ways in which Bon Secours Medical Group (BSMG) leverages a team-based care approach, expanded care access and technology to capitalize on four Medicare billing events: transitional care management, chronic care management, Medicare annual wellness visits and advance care planning.

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