Infographic: Three Ways Virtual Clinics Improve Care Quality

Monday, May 30th, 2016
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Integrated virtual care with Carena’s health system partners is outperforming leading commercial providers across three quality benchmarks, according to a new infographic by Carena. Patients who access integrated virtual care experience more time with clinicians, lower prescription rates and better continuity of care than those who use commercial telemedicine providers, which are often disconnected from patients’ primary care networks.

The infographic describes how health systems are meeting quality standards within their virtual clinics.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Digital HealthPerson-centric health management is slowly acknowledging the device-driven lives of patients and health plan members and incorporating these tools into care delivery and management efforts.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Digital Health examines program goals, platforms, components, development strategies, target populations and health conditions, patient engagement metrics, results and challenges reported by healthcare organizations responding to the February 2016 Digital Health survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

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