Infographic: Who’s Using mHealth and Wearable Technologies?

Monday, February 15th, 2016
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Who's Using mHealth and Wearable Technologies?While wearable fitness trackers (such as Fitbit and Garmin) are becoming more common, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Mobile health devices that monitor glucose, blood pressure, ECG, BMI and more are now available, although few use them and many are unaware they exist at all, according to a new infographic by Kantar Health.

The infographic examines demographic information on wearable device users and awareness of devices by individuals with certain chronic conditions.

Despite reimbursement challenges, the healthcare industry is charged up about remote patient monitoring to manage chronic illness: two-thirds of respondents to HIN’s 2015 Telehealth and Telemedicine survey monitor high-risk patients in this fashion. Encouraged by early success in coaching 23 patients to wellness at home via remote monitoring, CHRISTUS Health expanded its remote patient monitoring (RPM) enrollment to 170 high-risk, high-cost patients. At that scaling-up juncture, the challenge for CHRISTUS shifted to balancing its mission of keeping patients healthy and in their homes with maintaining revenue streams sufficient to keep its doors open in a largely fee-for-service environment.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Condition Management: Leveraging Technology in a Value-Based System chronicles the evolution of the CHRISTUS RPM pilot, which is framed around a Bluetooth®-enabled monitoring kit sent home with patients at hospital discharge.

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