Infographic: Volume to Value Companies Disrupting Healthcare Delivery

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

As the healthcare sector goes through a massive shift to value-based care, digital health is enabling many companies to innovate and deliver solutions to fundamentally change the way individuals receive primary, preventive and personalized care. From mHealth applications to personal diagnostics products, health startup solutions are changing the way care is delivered.

A new infographic by Vigyanix explores some of the companies that are contributing to the future of healthcare.

CMS’s ambitious agenda for moving Medicare into alternative payment models is driving the U.S. healthcare system toward greater value-based purchasing at a furious rate.

Private payors also have pledged to continue to shift payments away from fee for service and into alternative payment models such as accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Fortunately, many healthcare organizations are already exploring value-based payments—often a single innovation at a time—testing models that reward providers for meeting Triple Aim goals of improving patient experience and population health while reducing healthcare’s per capita cost.

11 Profitable Value-Based Reimbursement Models: Lessons from Early Adopters encapsulates nearly a dozen such approaches, from Bon Secours’ building of a business case for its multidisciplinary care team to the John C. Lincoln ACO’s deep dive into data analytics to identify and manage the care of high-risk, high-cost ‘VIP’ patients to ‘beat the benchmark’ to WellPoint’s engagement of specialists in care coordination.

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