Infographic: Mobility Management

Monday, September 7th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

To maximize patient benefits, and clinician effectiveness, a healthcare organization’s mobility platform must take into account all technologies that impact and support enterprise mobility, according to a new infographic by CDW Healthcare.

The infographic illustrates how healthcare organizations should take a multi-layer approach for an effective mobile strategy.

Mobility Management

Telemedicine and E-Health Services, Policies, and Applications: Advancements and DevelopmentsCombining electronic communication and information technology with healthcare practices, e-health promises access to health information, diagnosis, treatment, and care to patients who may “enter” and interact with the system in new ways.

Telemedicine and E-Health Services, Policies, and Applications: Advancements and Developments offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to telemedicine by collecting e-health experiences and applications from around the world and by exploring developments and trends in medical informatics. Researchers and professionals in health management, medicine, nursing, and medical informatics will find discussions of critical issues in the emerging field of e-health. The book also introduces innovative concepts and services at the leading edge of healthcare and information technology, which may enable a safer, higher quality, more equitable and sustainable health system.

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