Infographic: The Future of Medical Research With Patient-Generated Data

Monday, July 13th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

With Apple’s Research Kit and Google’s Study Kit, medical researchers can collect valuable insight from patients on a consistent basis.

A new infographic by Vigyanix examines the key features of both platforms and the opportunities to drive health behavior change.

Data-Driven Care Transition Management: Action Plans for High-Risk PatientsProviders who signed on for San Francisco Health Network’s Care Transitions Task Force shared not only a professional passion for care transitions work but also the belief that care transitions responsibility should be spread across the healthcare continuum. And once the SFHN task force mined a ‘black box’ of administrative data buried in more than 60 siloed databases across its health network, continuum-wide care transition improvement seemed attainable.

Data-Driven Care Transition Management: Action Plans for High-Risk Patients documents how SFHN’s deep data dive triggered the development of a data dashboard, a hospital discharge database and a set of uniform standards and practices that have streamlined care transitions within its safety net population.

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