Driving Quality Care Transitions: Infographic

Monday, May 25th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

When transitions of care are poorly coordinated, both the patient and the healthcare organization suffer. Without proper education, timely follow-up and tools to self-manage, patient complications and readmissions increase significantly. Healthcare organizations need effective and scalable ways of engaging and empowering patients to take active roles in their health post-discharge.

A new infographic by Emmi Solutions examines the importance of patient engagement for care transitions.

2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Transitions ManagementManagement of patient handoffs—between providers, from hospital to home or skilled nursing facility, or SNF to hospital—is a key factor in the delivery of value-based care. Poorly managed care transitions drive avoidable readmissions, ER use, medication errors and healthcare spend.

In 2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Transitions Management, HIN’s fourth annual analysis of these cross-continuum initiatives, examines programs, models, protocols and results associated with movement of patients from one care site to another, including the impact of care transitions management on quality metrics and the delivery of value-based care.

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