Infographic: The Value of an Investment in Health Management

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Reduced employee health risk, followed by reduced healthcare costs and improved employee productivity are among the top reasons employer invest in health and wellness programs, according to a study by Optum and the National Business Group on Health, depicted in a new infographic.

The infographic also examines eight other emerging reasons for a health management investment by employers.

Profiting from Population Health Management: Applying Analytics in Accountable CareAs ACA reforms continue to impact healthcare, population health management (PHM) is fast becoming the new buzzword for the management, integration and measurement of all interventions across the health continuum, from the healthiest populations to those with catastrophic illnesses. Rooted in the IHI’s Triple Aim, PHM dives deep into health analytics to reduce risk and associated health spend and provide a strong foundation for accountable care in a value-based system.

Profiting from Population Health Management: Applying Analytics in Accountable Care provides both a primer in PHM, identifying the challenges and opportunities of a robust population health management program, and an advanced case study in the use of analytics in PHM.

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