Infographic: Healthcare and Big Data

Monday, August 18th, 2014
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Over 63 percent of stakeholders in the United States believe big data has a positive impact on healthcare, according to a new study by APCO.

The study results, highlighted in the infographic below, also found that most United States respondents do not believe big data can improve individual health outcomes either by monitoring patient or by provider behavior, but believe that it can expand new product development by analyzing research data and improve healthcare transparency.

Healthcare & Big Data

Stratifying High-Risk, High-Cost Patients Benchmarks, Predictive Algorithms and Data AnalyticsHealthcare organizations employ a variety of tools and analytics to identify high-risk, high-cost patients for targeted population health interventions. Stratifying High-Risk, High-Cost Patients: Benchmarks, Predictive Algorithms and Data Analytics presents a range of risk stratification practices to determine candidates for health coaching, case management, home visits, remote monitoring and other initiatives designed to engage individuals with chronic illness, improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare spend.

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