Infographic: ACA’s Impact on People Seeking Healthcare

Friday, August 1st, 2014
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Sixty percent of people with new coverage through the Affordable Care Act have visited a doctor, gone to the hospital, or filled a prescription, according to a new infographic by The Commonwealth Fund.

The infographic explores how the ACA has impacted previously uninsured adults and young adults, how the Medicaid expansion has impacted the uninsured rate and whether the newly insured would have been able to afford care previously.

ACA's Impact on People Seeking Healthcare

As health plan operators last year were preparing to offer plans on the state-run and federally facilitated health insurance exchanges, they could only guess at the age and health of the population that would enroll, and they had no information about how their competitors would price their plans.

Now that open enrollment is over, Public Exchanges Data: Premium Analysis and Carrier Participation for 2014 takes a look at how it all played out. This report offers a highly detailed overview of where carriers participated, the types of products they offered and how their prices stacked up against their competitors.

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