Infographic: Care Teams Help Fill Gaps in Care

Monday, July 28th, 2014
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Care Teams Are Good BusinessWithout the help of a care team, physicians would not have enough hours in the day to adhere to all the protocols for chronic care patients, according to a new infographic by Phase Space.

The infographic looks at the number of individuals with chronic conditions, the capacity of providers to care for these patients appropriately and how care teams fill these gaps.

With the advent of the medical neighborhood, care coordination is no longer the sole domain of the primary care practice (PCP) but a responsibility shared among all providers that touch the patient. But how to formalize co-management of patients by PCPs and specialists ‒ in a way that both assures efficient delivery of high-quality healthcare and addresses the ‘pain points’ of each provider group?

Care Compacts in the Medical Neighborhood: Transforming PCP-Specialist Care Coordination describes WellPoint’s efforts to clearly define these roles and responsibilities: the testing of care compacts in its Patient-Centered Specialty Care (PCSC) program.

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