J&J and Canyon Ranch Partner on Corporate Wellness Program

Thursday, July 10th, 2014
This post was written by Cheryl Miller

An organization is only as healthy as its leadership.

And that’s one of the key reasons behind a recent corporate wellness venture between Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (HPI) and Canyon Ranch. The Human Performance Institute has collaborated with Canyon Ranch by combining the principles of their flagship course, Corporate Athlete® with Canyon Ranch’s integrative wellness offerings. The hybrid course, called The EXCELerate Program — The Power of Energy for Purpose & Performance, offers clients a five-day health and wellness experience that incorporates the full resources and amenities of Canyon Ranch’s flagship property in Tucson, Arizona and HPI’s premier energy management performance training program.

We spoke to Bill Donovan, the General Manager of the Human Performance Institute, Wellness & Prevention, Inc., about this program.

HIN: Can you tell us a little about the program?

(Bill Donovan) The purpose of this program is to expand our reach and impact more lives by working together to create the ultimate wellness experience. The Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete training is based on 30 years of proprietary research and depth of knowledge in training elite performers. We started with professional athletes in the world of sports. We learned very quickly that the strategy of increased performance in sports was easily transferable to any environment. So we moved into other areas, surgery, medical, Special Forces, military; now Fortune 500 executives are the main focus for us. The program combines the sciences of performance psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology. And the premise is to help train people to expand their energy so they can increase their performance in work and in life.

When you look at Canyon Ranch, they’ve also been around for over 30 years. They have an award-winning integrative approach to wellness. Their world-class facilities create the perfect environment for this wellness experience to come to life. Together we educate, empower, inspire, and help create lasting change in people through the blended experience. Canyon Ranch is very much hands-on, one on one. HPI is more group training. Together, we create customized experiences that cover critical dimensions of health and can truly have impact.

Who is Canyon Ranch and Human Performance Institute targeting for enrollment in their new EXCELerate program?

The program is designed to benefit anyone, but the key targets are senior level executives and leaders that are looking to improve health, performance, and be able to thrive in the face of constant demand and pressures. One thing we see in the world today is that the demands and pressures being put upon us and our leaders in particular continue to increase. How do we rise up in the face of that and not only survive but thrive?

Secondarily, we’re focusing on past graduates of our respective programs; graduates of HPI and Canyon Ranch loyals who want a more in-depth and immersive experience.

What will this program’s impact be on absenteeism, productivity and performance for employees in general?

It’s designed with senior leaders in mind, and built on the premise that the culture of an organization is often a reflection of its leadership. So if you believe that great success and change starts with leadership, then that’s what this program is about. It’s an immersive five day training program designed to help individuals make healthy, sustainable life changes, resulting in optimized well being, improved health, and enhanced performance.

When a senior leader, who is often the busiest person in the organization, can role model the behaviors that people aspire to, whether it is an optimistic outlook, focus, better work/life balance, better fitness, or eating habits, or maybe even overall health across all dimensions: mental, emotional and physical, they give hope and inspire those they lead. That is the critical first ingredient towards creating cultural change within an organization.

How will this program differ from standard wellness or disease management programs?

The immersive experience is a big part of it. I don’t know of any program that brings together the best of both group training around performance with holistic, hands-on, unique, individual experiences to really focus on helping to improve health. Bringing together the best of Canyon Ranch and HPI and our Corporate Athlete Program create something unlike anything in the market, and I think this really sets us apart.

To learn more on the program, with dates scheduled for July 13-18, and October 19-24 in 2014, click here.

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