POWER Tool, Digital Dashboard Enhance Evidence-Based Case Management

Friday, April 20th, 2012
This post was written by Cheryl Miller

Conflicting care guidelines, misplaced mail and network drive limitations are a thing of the past for Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield case managers, thanks to a pair of productivity tools the Blues plan recently instituted.

Dynasite, an Intranet repository of case management resources, and POWER, a rules-based electronic workflow management system that also serves as a document storehouse, keep case managers current and also streamline processes and documentation required for licensing, accreditations and certifications, explained Karen Black, RN, HIPAAP, improvement coordinator for Arkansas BCBS, during an April 11, 2012 webinar.

Dynasite, a “digital dashboard of education,” allows case managers to access quality improvement material, patient surveys, policies, time cards and more from their home page, explained Ms. Black during “Leveraging Case Management Tools and Technology to Improve Outcomes.” Dynasite is a “growing dynamic document” to which resources are added regularly, said Ms. Black, once they are vetted by a quality committee.

Dynasite fosters consistency and evidence-based care by case managers. For example, a care transitions form that resides on Dynasite follows the Blues plan member throughout the system of care.

POWER is a “paperless operational workflow electronic routing” system that boosts productivity and oversight of case managers, helping Ms. Black to manage licensure issues for 110 nurses and reducing paper handling and copying. By virtue of being paperless, POWER reduces the risk of exposure of protected health information (PHI), speeds transfer of workloads between case managers and simplifies documentation required in the event of a URAC audit.

It took four months from design to development of POWER, which was created by Pinnacle Business Solutions. The system was originally conceived to reduce mail distribution errors, but is now increasing case management productivity on many fronts. The potential for POWER is “almost limitless;” the system has been deployed in many other areas of the company that have a desire to go paperless.

Both tools enhance telephonic case management and facilitate communication between case managers, Ms. Black added. Member education tools are the resources most frequently accessed by Arkansas BCBS case managers.

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