Meet Wellness Coach Christy LeMire: Educating Parents About Nutrition

Friday, January 13th, 2012
This post was written by Jessica Fornarotto

Here we take an inside look at a wellness coach, the choices made on the road to success, and the challenges ahead.

Christy LeMire, certified holistic health coach and owner of Waterside Wellness.

HIN: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into health coaching?

Christy LeMire: For my first job out of college I was an assistant director for an early childhood education center in Roxbury, MA. I believe this experience planted the seed for wanting to work with people on a personal level and help children and families. I often spent time listening to single parents’ struggles to find balance juggling work and caring for their children. I also noticed the food limitations in the school regarding quantity and quality, and how it affected the children’s behavior, which made me concerned.

Have you received any health coaching certifications? If so, please list these certifications.

I am certified as a holistic health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and SUNY Purchase College. I will also become board certified as a holistic health practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners this year.

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road?

There have been many reassuring moments. Above all, seeing people start to value their bodies and their health through the education they receive in my program has been the most rewarding. It proves that a support system focused on the specific health of an individual does make a difference in their life and that health coaches are needed in our communities.

In brief, describe your organization.

Waterside Wellness offers personalized nutrition, wellness and lifestyle counseling. I tailor my program based on the particular needs and desires of my clients. We work together to determine their health goals and I support them to achieve those goals in realistic, enjoyable ways. Education is also a big part of my practice. I believe the more informed we are about how food and lifestyle affects our health and future, the better choices we make and the more satisfying those decisions are.

What are two or three important concepts or rules that you follow in health coaching?

  • Bio-individuality — no one diet or way of living works for everyone.

  • Making changes step-by-step allows for sustainable healthy practices.

  • Food is not the only thing feeding us; our careers, relationships, exercise and spirituality all contribute to our health.

What is the single-most successful thing that your company is doing now?

I currently offer a health coaching program designed specifically for brides-to-be who are looking to loose weight, manage time and stress, and start their marriage off as their most beautiful, healthy self. I find this is something all brides want and often need support in achieving while planning for their big day. It is also an opportunity to support women throughout changing times in their lives when they need support the most. Brides turn into wives who often turn into mothers. Finding balance between career and family can be challenging. Many women feel the need to be a “superwoman” and a little support and encouragement goes a long way.

Do you see a trend or path that you have to lock onto for 2012?

Obesity and diabetes in children is more present than ever, mostly because of fast-food diets and sedentary lifestyles. It is predicted that many of today’s parents will outlive their children. I want to do my part in helping this issue by working with parents and making nutrition education accessible to schools.

What is the most satisfying thing about being a health coach?

Seeing clients find a renewed energy, positive outlook and achieve results toward their health goals is extremely satisfying. We are in control of our bodies and our happiness. We just need to be reminded sometimes.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in Vermont where being active outdoors and eating home cooked meals with my family were big parts of my life.

What college did you attend? Is there a moment from that time that stands out?

I attended Emerson College. Trying to balance classes, homework, internships, work and eating healthy on a tight budget stands out as a challenge. Thinking back to that time helps me keep things in perspective and reminds me that people often have hectic lives, and expectations need to be simplistic and realistic when it comes to beginning to incorporate positive change.

Are you married? Do you have children?

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We look forward to having children when the time is right.

What is your favorite hobby and how did it develop in your life?

Regular yoga practice came into my life a couple of years ago as a way to relieve stress. Now, I can’t live without it. I also enjoy capturing emotion and natural beauty through photography.

Is there a book you recently read or movie you saw that you would recommend?

The documentary, “Discover the Gift,” is a film about self-discovery and living a life you love. I think it will resonate well with anyone who is feeling lost in their life, career, or spiritual practice and in need of inspiration.

Any additional comments?

I invite you to visit my Web site and follow my blog for healthy tips, recipes and inspiration. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I offer free consultations for those interested in discussing their health goals and learning more about how a health coach can support them in achieving health and happiness.

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