France Reaches Across Pond to Manage Diabetes

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
This post was written by Patricia Donovan

Although healthcare in France is a public sector function, the French recently awarded a four-year contract to a U.S. company for diabetes management. The growing internationalization of healthcare is covered in this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update, which examines the disease management contract France recently awarded to Healthways.

If successful, the France-Healthways agreement could be expanded to include the management of cardiac and respiratory disease.

Healthways is just one of many American healthcare companies looking abroad for business opportunities. Emerging insurance models in international markets is one of the seven macro trends driving health industry investment predicted by William Shea, partner in Cognizant Business Consulting, during our seventh annual healthcare forecast.

“Given the profitability pressures that most payors are under in the United States, they see increased opportunity to drive shareholder value by looking at other markets where there may be an emerging commercial health insurance orientation evolving,” explains Shea. “A move into international markets increases the value of commercial health insurance assets in the United States.”

In a nod to the U.S. patient-centered medical home model, France’s agreement with Healthways states that the patient’s physician remains at the center of their patients’ interactions with program staff. There’s still time to describe your experience with the medical home model along with more than 80 healthcare companies by taking our fifth annual medical home survey.

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