Tools to Trim Weighty Obesity Problem

Thursday, August 12th, 2010
This post was written by Patricia Donovan

Obesity is now an even heavier burden on this country, according to new CDC data released last week. No state met the Healthy People 2010 obesity target of 15 percent, and in nine states, over 30 percent of adults are obese.

The CDC’s recommendation?

Obesity should be addressed through a comprehensive approach across multiple settings and sectors that can change individual nutrition and physical activity behaviors and the environments and policies that affect these behaviors.

In the healthcare setting, at least, we’ve responded with more programs to prevent and manage obesity and rein in associated healthcare costs. In our 2008 survey on obesity and weight management programs, 64 percent of respondents had launched programs in this area. In this year’s April survey, that number rose to 71 percent. Get this year’s results here.

In response to this trend, this week’s Chart of the Week looks at the top components of obesity and weight management programs, and a related story in this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update offers a cautionary tale on evaluating hospitals for bariatric surgery — a popular weight loss procedure that is performed more than 180,000 times a year.

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