Disease Registry Key Tool in Medical Home, Say IBM and Aetna

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Even if they can’t afford an EMR, physician practices should use a disease registry if they hope to succeed as a medical home, agree IBM and Aetna thought leaders. Both George Chedraoui, IBM health leader and former president of Bridges to Excellence, and Dr. Don Liss, an Aetna regional medical director, noted that the patient registry can help physician practices transform to a medical home.

Chedraoui said a disease registry is one of IBM’s essentials for PCMH, along with e-prescribing and secure email communication. Dr. Liss says a patient registry is also a requirement for a Philadephia pilot of the PCMH, in which Aetna is participating. Chedraoui went a step further to note that technology alone does not make a practice a medical home; that underlying processes must be addressed.

Chedraoui and Dr. Liss presented at yesterday’s webinar on Medical Home ROI: Metrics and Measurements.

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