Gym To-Do’s: Work Out, Choose a Doctor, Get a PHR

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Recruiting Patients at the GymAt my health club last week, a local provider of concierge medicine held a recruiting event that attracted about a 100 individuals of more or less Medicare-eligible age. The approach struck me as an unusual way to build a practice. What also interested me was what a member would get for their annual fee — besides a comprehensive annual physical, priority access to physicians and appointments and a personalized Web-based wellness plan, members receive a complete PHR on CD-ROM.

This provider’s PHR is one of many available in the current consumer-driven healthcare climate. In this week’s issue of the Healthcare Weekly Business Update, we highlight a new CMS pilot that encourages Medicare beneficiaries to track their healthcare services via an online PHR. And in last month’s HIN e-survey on PHR use, more than 200 health plans, providers and employers told us about their PHR adoption and use. About a third of respondents have introduced PHRs in one format or another, with another third poised to do so in the next 12 months. Not surprisingly, Internet-based PHRs are the favored format. Respondents gave us lots more detail on PHR components, portability and interoperability, as well as the challenges of and benefits from a PHR launch. The e-summary will be available soon. If you’d like a copy, please send an email to

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