Wooing Physicians to Practice Concierge Medicine

Thursday, November 8th, 2007
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

In an EverythingHealth post this week, Dr. Toni Brayer analyzes the growing trend of concierge medicine. The steady stream of invitations she receives sound more like time share pitches than professional recruitment, promising vacations, meals and museum visits for any physician that will entertain the idea of being set up as a concierge, retainer medical practice.

The invitations are sexy, appealing and seem to be coming at a rapid clip. MDVIP is one of a handful of companies that know primary care physicians are in demand and they know patients are fed up with the long waits, quick visits and difficulty in even seeing the doctor. They know the doctor is burned out, disgusted with the hassles of insurance paperwork and discount rates. The dream of caring for the patient has turned into the nightmare of patient “panels” of 2500 people.

Is this where physicians will head if the industry doesn’t right itself? It’s very tempting.

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