Connected Care Management: Do Mathematical Risk Predictors Trump Provider Intuition?

Dr. Luke HansenEven when employing sophisticated predictive analytics to zero in on population health risk, healthcare organizations shouldn’t discount providers’ intuition, advises Luke Hansen, MD, vice president and chief medical officer, population health for AMITA Health.

With a future plan to adopt a risk prediction tool, AMITA currently creates chronic illness registries to track its high-cost patients. Listen as Dr. Hansen discusses the tradeoffs of mathematically intense risk predictors versus physicians’ guts.

During an August 2016 webinar, Reducing Readmissions and Avoidable Emergency Department Visits Through a Connected Care Management Strategy, now available for replay, Dr. Hansen and Susan Wickey, AMITA Health vice president, quality and care management, share the key components of AMITA Health’s care management process, how the various care management teams work together and the impact the program is having on healthcare costs and utilization.

Length: 3:04 minutes

Managing Population Health with Integrated Registries and Effective Patient Touchpoints

A patient might expect a reminder about a missed colonoscopy during a primary care visit, but during a trip to the dermatologist? Providing health plan members with “consistent and ubiquitous reminders” via multiple touchpoints in their healthcare journey is one of Kaiser Permanente’s key population health management strategies, reports Jim Bellows, PhD, senior director of evaluation and analytics for Kaiser Permanente.

Another is the vigorous use of registries — more than 50 in all, at last count — even for relatively rare diseases. Dr. Bellows defines the criteria for registry creation, expands on the choice and availability of patient touchpoints and explains the evolution of other Web-based PHM tools in use by Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Bellows shared his organization’s approach to population care and population health management during a July 31, 2013 webinar, Managing Population Health with Integrated Registries and Effective Patient Touchpoints.

Length: 12:25 minutes