Data Analytics Drive Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, Boost Beneficiary Attribution, Retention

Elena TkachevBeyond facilitating business decisions and improving quality of care and patient experience, data analytics help Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) to close gaps in preventive care within its 24 accountable care organizations (ACOs), explains Elena Tkachev, CHS director of ACO analytics.

One key preventive metric for the largest U.S. sponsor of Medicare Shared Savings Programs (MSSPs) is the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), which CHS has set as a core goal. In this audio interview, Ms. Tkachev describes the rationale behind this goal, how data analytics drives AWVs, and the dramatic correlation between AWVs and patient attribution.

During a January 2016 webinar, Data Analytics in Accountable Care: Strategies and Case Studies, now available for replay, Elena Tkachev shared her organization’s experience in using data analytics effectively to improve ACO results.

Length: 3:37 minutes

Trends Shaping Healthcare for 2016: Rethink the Patient Experience in Response to Consumerism

Laura JacobsThe patient experience begins before an individual even thinks about going to the doctor or hospital, notes Laura Jacobs, executive vice president for GE Healthcare Camden Group, and patient satisfaction has moved beyond what is measured on surveys. As such, healthcare organizations should thoughtfully craft communications and care delivery strategies to meet rising consumer expectations and boost quality metrics. In this audio interview, Ms. Jacobs suggests how to better manage the consumer experience across the care spectrum and respond to the proliferation of consumer-generated healthcare data via apps and social media.

During a November 2015 webinar, Trends Shaping the Healthcare Industry in 2016: A Strategic Planning Session, now available for replay, Ms. Jacobs and Paul Keckley, managing director of Navigant, provided a roadmap to the key issues, challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers and payors in 2016.

Length: 3:35 minutes

Healthcare’s Volume-to-Value Transition: How to Get Paid While You’re Waiting

Jennifer SeidenDespite CMS’s aggressive agenda for moving Medicare to a value-based payment structure, it will take time before alternative reimbursement approaches are adopted across the healthcare continuum. So how can healthcare get paid in the meantime?

During the February 5, 2015 webinar, Positioning for Value-Based Reimbursement: Workforce Development for Transitional Care, Chronic Care Management, Jennifer Seiden, administrative director, population health, Bon Secours Medical Group, described how her organization is making the most of the industry’s transition from volume to value.

During the 45-minute program, now available as on on-demand replay, Ms. Seiden and Lu Bowman, population health market program manager for Bon Secours Medical Group, shared how Bon Secours is developing the professional skill sets needed to adapt to new care delivery and reimbursement opportunities. The program was sponsored by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

Length: 2:59 minutes

PHO Provides Framework for Physician Success in Value-Based Payment Models

The physician-hospital organization (PHO) model provides two key components that until now have kept many physicians from healthcare’s value-based initiatives, maintains Travis Ansel, senior manager with the Healthcare Strategy Group: a relationship with other providers and health systems in their market, and the infrastructure to support success under a population model.

In this audio interview, Ansel anticipates the direction health systems—especially those with a large number of independent physicians—will take to flourish in value-based initiatives, and shares other essential benefits of the PHO model.

Travis Ansel will share critical insight into the PHO development process and walk participants through required competencies and implications of these payment models on physicians and hospitals during an October 1, 2014 webinar, Preparing for Value-Based Reimbursement Models: PHO Development for ACOs, Bundled Payments and Direct Contracting, a 45-minute program sponsored by The Healthcare Intelligence Network.

Length: 8:08 minutes