Health and Wellness Incentives: Positioning for Outcome-Based Rewards

Outcomes-based rewards have a place in an overall incentives offering, notes John Riedel, president, Riedel & Associates Consultants, Inc., but despite the growth in these offerings, companies should keep their incentive options open. To maximize effectiveness, programs should include something for all: simple items like gift cards and tee shirts for sign-on, progress-based rewards to move individuals along, and outcomes-based incentives for individuals who take their health seriously. Reidel examines the staying power of extrinsic incentives and suggests eight questions companies should ask themselves to determine whether they’ve truly constructed a culture of health for the population they serve.

John Riedel shared the key strategies in sustaining a health and wellness incentive program and moving toward outcome-based results during Health and Wellness Incentives: Positioning for Outcome-Based Rewards, a February 4, 2013 webinar, now available for replay.

Length: 12:21 minutes

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