Avoidable ER Visits: Reduction and Prevention Benchmarks

How are healthcare organizations encouraging appropriate use of the emergency room in their populations?

In this month’s healthcare benchmarks podcast, Healthcare Intelligence Network executive VP and COO Melanie Matthews shares metrics from HIN’s July 2010 survey on reducing avoidable ER visits, with relevant commentary from Dr. Barsam Kasravi, managing medical director for state-sponsored programs at WellPoint; and Sara Tracy, senior manager of emergency services at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado.

More actionable data on reducing avoidable ER use is contained in 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits, a 50-page report derived from responses from 90 healthcare organizations. Presenting this data in more than 30 easy-to-follow graphs and tables, this resource documents trends and metrics from emergency departments across the country that are successfully managing ER utilization.

Length: 4:22 minutes

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