Finding Success in Health Behavior Change

A move backward in readiness to change should not be perceived as a failure on the client’s part but rather as an opportunity to readjust behavior goals, observes Kate Larsen, president of Winning LifeStyles, Inc., an ICF-certified professional coach and a WellCoachesĀ® faculty member and mentor coach. There’s value in reminding clients that health coaching is a journey and in checking coaching egos at the door to improve listening skills and allow clients to own their behavior change goals, notes the author of “Progress, Not Perfection.”

Larsen and Claudine Reilly, wellness manager at CVS Caremark, a Certified Intrinsic Coach, and a Certified Health Education Specialist, provided different scenarios that coaches might encounter with patients and examples of how coaches can and should respond to assist clients in achieving the health behavior change they need during the July 15, 2009 webinar, Finding Success in Health Behavior Change.

Length: 9:39 minutes

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