12 Questions to Guide a Physician Compensation Strategy

A successful physician compensation strategy includes organizational goals, governance and physician engagement, according to Cynthia Kilroy, senior VP of provider strategy and business development, Optum.

This new infographic from the Healthcare Intelligence Network features 12 questions to guide the implementation of a physician compensation strategy for healthcare organizations. Addressing all three areas of the strategy can improve satisfaction while creating an environment and structure that supports transparency and enables quality and efficiency.

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Cynthia Kilroy

Listen to Cynthia Kilroy, senior vice president of provider strategy and business development at Optum, suggests a four-step systematic approach for data dissemination that moves companies away from simply...

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More information on this topic can be found in 6 Value-Based Reimbursement Models: Strategies for Selection, Alignment and Engagement. While the infographic provides data regarding physician compensation and reimbursement, this exclusive resource goes even further. This 40-page resource examines a set of provider compensation models across the collaboration continuum, advising adopters on potential pitfalls and suggesting strategies to survive implementation bumps. more.