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Infographic: Painkillers and Heroin in the United States

June 20th, 2016 by Melanie Matthews

The abuse of, and addiction to, opioids is a serious problem in the United States that affects the social, health, and economic welfare of the society. It is estimated that opiate abuse/addiction costs Americans approximately $484 billion annually. It is also responsible for 50 percent of serious crimes in the United States, according to a new infographic by the University of New England.

The infographic explores the opiate abuse problem, who is most at-risk of becoming addicted and the role of social workers in treating opiate addiction.

Relieving the Costs and Consequences of Chronic Pain: A Best Practice Multimodal Approach The financial, physical and emotional toll of pain on the United States is excruciating, but Relieving the Costs and Consequences of Chronic Pain: A Best Practice Multimodal Approach offers an antidote for the 25 percent of Americans suffering daily from chronic or persistent pain and the healthcare organizations that treat them. Featuring contributions from two of pain management’s foremost experts, this special report offers multi-faceted strategies in pain assessment and management to improve quality of life for the chronic pain patient, reducing healthcare utilization in the process.

In this 35-page report, Marilee I. Donovan, Ph.D., R.N., regional pain management coordinator, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, and Cheryl Pacella, D.N.P., R.N., performance improvement advisor at MassPro, describe patient-centric pain management tactics that engage the patient as an active partner and employ creative and alternative therapies and interventions.

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