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5 Requirements for Highmark Pay-for-Performance Participation

October 28th, 2014 by Patricia Donovan

Highmark Inc.’s well-established physician pay for performance program, Quality Blue, continues to evolve, providing its 6,300 enrolled primary care physicians the opportunity to earn bonus payments across a variety of measure sets. Here, Julie Hobson, RN, BSN, manager of provider engagement, performance and partnership at Highmark Inc., describes minimum requirements for physician participation in the program.

Our program is open to all the primary care providers (PCPs) in our network. However, there are some participation requirements. The incentive payment is rewarded to the practices based on their total score and is in addition to their fee-for-service (FFS) schedule.

There are over 113 evaluation and management (E&M) claims, both outpatient/inpatient, that we provide the incentive monies to. The quality scores are calculated on a quarterly basis and the incentive payment that the practice receives is paid for on that particular quarter.

There are five requirements that must be in place to be able to participate in our program. First, there has to be a participating provider agreement signed and in Highmark’s hands; second, an incentive participation agreement must be completed as well.

The third requirement is IT capabilities: the practice must have a Web-based provider application in their office. This is the Web-based application that we choose and it allows for real-time transactions. It is HIPAA-compliant and allows for sending and receiving of information to us and from us, as well as to them and from them.

Fourth, the practice must meet certain thresholds of E&M claims and electronic claims submission in a 12-month period.

And finally, they must achieve a minimum total score within the program.

Source: Guide to Value-Based Reimbursement: Profiting from Payment Bundling, PHO Shared Savings, and Pay for Performance

Julie Hobson, RN, BSN, is a manager in Highmark Inc.’s provider engagement, performance, and partnership department, which is accountable for advancement and deployment of strategic design and development of provider driven health management transformation.