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Infographic: How Climate Change Will Affect Healthcare

August 22nd, 2013 by Jackie Lyons

An increase in illnesses such as asthma and infectious diseases related to climate change is having an impact on healthcare industry costs. As pollution affects air quality, respiratory illnesses will become more common. The United States and Europe already spend a combined $73 billion on asthma every year. Additionally, climate change will cause heat events and droughts, which are associated with disease transmission and increased rates of mental illness and suicide.

According to a new infographic from Masters in Health Administration, the healthcare industry needs to focus on preparedness and resilience. The infographic provides advice on climate change education as it impacts public policy, increasing the health system’s ‘surge’ capacity — the hospitals ability to deal with an influx of patients due to a large scale incident or disaster — and more.

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health
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