Infographic: Patient Engagement in the Age of Social Media

Friday, June 2nd, 2017
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Effective patient engagement has been linked with increased adherence to medical plans, reduced hospitalizations, and higher revenues, according to a new infographic by ChartLogic. One way to generate these results is by meeting patients where they spend the most time, i.e. social media.

When healthcare consumers connect with physicians or healthcare providers through one of the major social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), their first experience should be a positive one, with good information on how to get in touch. Links to helpful health apps and portals are also appreciated. Developing a social strategy should be a cornerstone of every organization’s patient engagement strategy.

The infographic examines how practices can increase patient engagement, why it’s a good thing, and potential benefits.

Patient-centric interventions like population health management, health coaching, home visits and telephonic outreach are designed to engage individuals in health self-management—contributing to healthier clinical and financial results in healthcare’s value-based reimbursement climate.

But when organizations consistently rank patient engagement as their most critical care challenge, as hundreds have in response to HIN benchmark surveys, which strategies will help to bring about the desired health behavior change in high-risk populations?

9 Protocols to Promote Patient Engagement in High-Risk, High-Cost Populations presents a collection of tactics that are successfully activating the most resistant, hard-to-engage patients and health plan members in chronic condition management. Whether an organization refers to this population segment as high-risk, high-cost, clinically complex, high-utilizer or simply top-of-the-pyramid ‘VIPs,’ the touch points and technologies in this resource will recharge their care coordination approach.

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