Infographic: Technology and the 21st Century Medicine Bag

Friday, October 7th, 2016
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

The traditional clinician’s medicine bag is now a thing of the past, but its replacement promises to be even more useful as a means of facilitating better patient care. Now a doctor’s visit is facilitated via laptop or smartphone, according to a new infographic by Transcend Insights.

The infographic examines the key trends for technology use in healthcare—interoperability, clinical analytics, performance measurement technologies and mobile health devices.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Digital HealthPerson-centric health management is slowly acknowledging the device-driven lives of patients and health plan members and incorporating these tools into care delivery and management efforts.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Digital Health examines program goals, platforms, components, development strategies, target populations and health conditions, patient engagement metrics, results and challenges reported by healthcare organizations responding to the February 2016 Digital Health survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

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