Infographic: Big Data Creates Big Improvements in Healthcare

Friday, November 6th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Effective use of big data in healthcare could add $300 million to the healthcare industry, according to a new infographic by Evariant.

The infographic looks at how big data creates big improvements in healthcare.

Big Data Creates Big Improvements in Healthcare

Innovative Plan-Provider Ventures: Case Studies From Anthem and Aetna provides the details of two case studies of plans and providers that are collaborating on value-based care models:

  • Vivity, a collaboration between seven prestigious California health systems and Anthem Blue Cross of California, promises to improve quality and share cost savings among the participating entities.
  • Innovation Health, the northern Virginia health plan owned 50-50 by Aetna Inc. and Inova Health System, represents a great example of an “alignment” structure, with the new health plan allowing the provider and carrier to tap into each other’s expertise to lower costs, grow market share and move to value-based payment.

Written for consumers and employers seeking strategies to reduce coverage costs and improve outcomes, Innovative Plan-Provider Ventures: Case Studies From Anthem and Aetna answers questions such as:

  • What challenges does a health plan joint venture pose for day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning? How do these organizations overcome them?
  • How do they scale up without cannibalizing existing health plan membership?
  • How do the partners address technology problems, including variations in financial systems?
  • How do they structure outsourcing arrangements to handle sales, marketing, claims processing, provider network development and other functions?
  • Are these models replicable in other markets? What other paths are insurers and providers following to develop innovative new insurance models?

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