Infographic: The Mobile Health App Evolution

Monday, August 31st, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

As the adoption rate of mobile medical applications is increasing by healthcare professionals and consumers, medical apps are changing they way patient care is delivered. From improved patient safety to better access to care, healthcare apps are revolutionizing the way patients are engaged in their health, according to a new infographic by Vigyanix.

The infographic looks at the types of apps available to patients, how healthcare professionals use apps and the benefits of healthcare apps to both patients and healthcare professionals.

The Mobile Health App Evolution

2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Patient EngagementTransformational patient-centered models emerging post-ACA are designed to succeed with a core of engaged, activated patients, yet enlistment of individuals in chronic care management, telehealth and other health enhancement interventions continues to challenge the healthcare industry.

2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Patient Engagement documents strategies, program components, successes and challenges of engaging patients and health plan members in self-care from more than 100 organizations responding to the 2015 Patient Engagement survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

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