Healthy Infrastructure Support: Infographic

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

The state of a healthcare organization’s data center has a domino effect on all the infrastructures and networks that depend on its “health,” according to a new infographic by CDW Healthcare.

The infographic examines infrastructure optimization, software-defined data centers, infrastructure for cloud enablement, power/cooling, backup/disaster recovery and networking requirements.

Electronic Health Record: Standards, Coding Systems, Frameworks, and InfrastructuresThe increased role of IT in the healthcare sector has led to the coining of a new phrase “health informatics,” which deals with the use of IT for better healthcare services. Health informatics applications often involve maintaining the health records of individuals, in digital form, which is referred to as an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Building and implementing an EHR infrastructure requires an understanding of healthcare standards, coding systems, and frameworks.

Electronic Health Record: Standards, Coding Systems, Frameworks, and Infrastructures provides an overview of different health informatics resources and artifacts that underlie the design and development of interoperable healthcare systems and applications.

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