Infographic: Patient Empowerment

Monday, March 9th, 2015
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

With skyrocketing digital data and a flood of tools to track and manage personal health, patients are taking greater interest in and control of their own healthcare.

A new infographic by CDW Healthcare examines the impact that patient data management, patient portals, the cloud, big data and virtual storage are having on patient self-management.

Evidence-Based Health Coaching: Motivational Interviewing in Action Validated in over 300 clinical studies, motivational interviewing (MI) remains the most patient-centered and effective approach for supporting better patient engagement and activation, disease self-care, treatment adherence and lifestyle management.

Evidence-Based Health Coaching: Motivational Interviewing in Action, is the first MI video training series especially designed for clinicians who serve individuals at risk of, or affected by, chronic diseases. Whether you are serving in a wellness, disease management, or care management program, or a primary or specialty care setting, hospital or community program, this series will help you build the practical MI knowledge and skills you need to support your patient health and address the behavioral factors that are responsible for over 85% of avoidable healthcare costs.

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