Infographic: Meaningful Use Audits

Friday, December 5th, 2014
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Meaningful use audits could recover $33M in EHR incentives, according to data from the HHS published in a recent Health Security Solutions infographic. Although the precise reason for failure is not included in the dataset, there is reason to believe from strong anecdotal evidence that failure to conduct an adequate risk analysis is the most common reason entities fail their MU audits.

The infographic looks at both pre- and post-payment audits and which states have the highest audit failure rates.

Keys to EMR/EHR Success, Second EditionIn this revised second edition, nationally recognized expert Ron Sterling, president, Sterling Solutions, Ltd., has included up-to-date information on this daily-changing topic of Health IT. A new chapter on EHR and malpractice risk has been added, as well as detailed coverage of conversion issues for practices that have an old EMR. Also, new additions on ARRA and meaningful use will help many medical practices evaluate whether an EHR investment makes sense.

Keys to EMR / EHR Success, Second Edition starts with an overview of preparing the practice for technology. From there, Sterling helps the reader define requirements, choose the right system, get physician and staff buy-in, and take the system “live” as smoothly as possible. Sterling translates his experience into a step-by-step process any medical practice can follow with ease, from first considering an EHR, all the way through post-implementation training and updates.

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