Infographic: Creating Digitally “Mature” Healthcare Providers

Monday, September 8th, 2014
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

While consumers are taking charge of their digital health by downloading health apps and searching for health data online, only 33 percent of healthcare providers are digitally “mature,” according to a new survey by Capgemini Consulting.

Capgemini highlights the survey findings in a new infographic that looks at the differences between digitally mature and non-digitally mature healthcare providers and provides strategies for moving up the digital curve.

Is the Healthcare Industry Digitally Fit?

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Mobile HealthUsed a smartphone app for health reasons lately? Chances are your patients and health plan members have, too. The use of mobile health technologies (not simply wireless) to monitor health is revolutionizing the exchange and consumption of healthcare data. From mobile apps that monitor blood sugar and heart rhythms to text-based medication reminders, mHealth technologies could save from $1.96 billion to $5.83 billion in healthcare costs by the year 2014, some studies indicate. 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Mobile Health delivers a snapshot of mobile health (mHealth) trends, including current and planned mHealth initiatives, types and purpose of mHealth interventions, targeted populations and health conditions, and challenges, impact and results from mHealth efforts.

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