Infographic: Timeline of the Patient Experience

Monday, March 24th, 2014
This post was written by Jackie Lyons

From the first encounter on a benefits enrollment website to hospital discharge, the healthcare industry is looking to improve care quality and patient satisfaction.

However, 83 percent of Americans do not follow treatment plans given by their doctor as prescribed, according to a new infographic from Codebaby. This infographic chronicles the average experience of Americans, from making an appointment to follow-up treatment and everywhere in between.

Looking to enhance the patient experience and better coordinate care? You may also be interested in this webinar replay: Integrating Mobile Health Remote Patient Monitoring with Telephonic Care Management for Improved Care Coordination Results. Improving care coordination improves the overall patient experience and satisfaction. During this webinar, Gail Miller, the vice president of telephonic clinical operations in Humana’s care management organization, Humana Cares/SeniorBridge, shared details of their telephonic care management program and how these remote monitoring pilots will enhance their care coordination efforts.

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