Infographic: The Cost of Duplicate Medical Records and Overlays in Healthcare

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
This post was written by Jackie Lyons

Duplicate medical records, resulting from a patient being assigned more than one medical record number, can have not only large financial impacts on healthcare organizations from delayed treatment and repeated tests, but they also can be dangerous if a patient is treated with missing information.

Shown in this new infographic from M2SYS Healthcare Solutions, the average cost of a duplicate medical record is $50, and even higher if the records aren’t reconciled, according to Fox and Sheridan. Furthermore, the cost doesn’t take into account time lost by patients and providers. This infographic also details the projected rise of duplicate medical records, the time frame in which they are typically created, the specific effects and underlying costs of duplicate records and an in-depth solution to these duplications.

The Cost of Duplicate Medical Records and Overlays in Healthcare

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