Infographic: Uninsured and Unhealthy – The Health Insurance Woes of African-Americans

Monday, May 6th, 2013
This post was written by Patricia Donovan

In terms of healthcare, one sector that’s already struggling, and has been for some time now, is African Americans. In 2012, 17.4 percent of non-Hispanic blacks were uninsured. Although this was lower than the 29.4 percent recorded for Hispanics, it was much higher than the 11.2 percnet tallied for non-Hispanic whites. More critically, only 55.9 percent of African Americans are expected to continue to live in good health, while a more or less healthy life is expected in 69.4 percent of white Americans.

This infographic from the Finances Online Web site takes a closer look at the health insurance situation of African Americans: their general health profiles compared to other ethnic groups; the insurance status of income groups within the African American sector; and where uninsured African Americans are clustered around the country.

Uninsured and Unhealthy: The Health Insurance Woes of African Americans

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