8 Successes Achieved by Diabetes Management Programs

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
This post was written by Jackie Lyons

Patient-Centered Diabetes Management: Driving Outcomes with Education and Behavior Change

Large payoffs in patient compliance, patient satisfaction and medication adherence resulted from programs aimed at managing diabetes, according to respondents to HIN’s 2011 “10 Questions on Diabetes Management” survey. In their own words, respondents described the greatest successes achieved by their diabetes management programs:

1. “Our greatest success is knowing the impact we have already made helping our patients, friends and families realize that they are not alone in this battle. We have produced results time and time again, proving this epidemic can be managed.”

2. “Diet and nutritional talks and cooking demonstrations have stirred consciousness and thoughtfulness towards dietary protocols.”

3. “The indigent population we manage through our program has had only one hospital admission for a diabetes-related problem in 2011. That’s impressive!”

4. “Improved mental status and treatment compliance in other spheres.”

5. “High level of patient engagement; increased patient-provider contacts and communication; and reduced hospitalizations and overall costs.”

6. “Significant ROI in one year using randomized control trial (RCT) methodology.”

7. “More knowledge of the condition and decrease in gaps in care.”

8. “Standardization of diabetes management programs, incentives, benefit enhancements and enhanced methods to reach members who opt out of one-on-one nurse coaching.”

2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Diabetes Management provides more actionable data from the 83 responding organizations on current diabetes management programs and their impact on population health outcomes and healthcare spend.

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