Video: Diabetes Management Offers 4 Ideas for Weight Control

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
This post was written by Patricia Donovan

It’s possible to launch low-cost weight management programs for individuals with diabetes, even if participants have limited incomes, attests Hudson River HealthCare (HRHC). In our new video on diabetes management, Kathy Brieger, RD, CDE, chief operations officer at HRHC, talks about four programs offered by their diabetes collaborative that are helping members with diabetes to better manage their weight.

Weight management was the greatest challenge of controlling diabetes for the 83 companies who responded to our e-survey on diabetes management earlier this year. This video delivers the highlights from the survey, including responsibility for diabetes management, the contribution of case managers, and how they feel about offering incentives for successful self-management of diabetes. We hope you enjoy it.

If you prefer to read an executive summary of the survey results, download it here. For more information from Hudson River HealthCare and expanded interviews with select survey respondents, see Case Studies in Diabetes Management.


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