Case Managers Positively Impact Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Friday, June 22nd, 2012
This post was written by Cheryl Miller

Case managers continue to positively impact healthcare delivery. According to 19 percent of respondents to our recent survey on improving patient experience and satisfaction who said that case managers were primarily responsible for this area of care, 90 percent said that their case managers had significantly increased patient satisfaction. The survey also found that communication between patients and members was considered the weakest link.

In tandem with overall population health and cost of care, patient satisfaction with the healthcare experience is influencing quality ratings and value-based reimbursement levels.

Nearly 19 percent of respondents to the 2011 survey on Improving Patient Experience & Satisfaction said case managers have primary responsibility for efforts to improve patient/member satisfaction. The survey captured the efforts of organizations working to improve patients’ and members’ experience and satisfaction with their care. Responses provided by 146 healthcare organizations indicate that quality of care is the most important aspect of the care delivery experience. In addition, almost all responding organizations cover the topic of quality of care in their patient satisfaction surveys. However, almost 85 percent of respondents are not satisfied with their organization’s patient satisfaction scores on the CMS Hospital Compare site.

Additionally, the survey identified communication as the aspect of the patient/member experience most in need of improvement.

Case management has a substantial impact on patient satisfaction. Most respondents — 90 percent — to the 2011 survey on Healthcare Case Management said case management efforts had increased patient satisfaction.


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