IBM Predicts Top 5 Health and Wellness Devices of the Future

Monday, July 11th, 2011
This post was written by Cheryl Miller

Imagine a future where those suffering from dementia never get lost, those prone to blood level inconsistencies always know the second their levels spike or drop, and those unable to speak are able to communicate with their doctors through their brain waves.

Sound like something out of a science fiction movie?

It just might be in our near future, if scientists continue to tap the limits of technology. A survey released by IBM reveals that consumers are ready for the next wave of health devices that will not only aid the sick but maintain wellness. More on this in this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update.

And that penny in your pocket could hold the secret to keeping infection at bay. More science fiction? No; according to a new study, antimicrobial copper surfaces in ICUs kill 97 percent of bacteria that can cause hospital-acquired infections. And HAIs account for 100,000 deaths and $45 billion in costs annually,
according to the CDC. The trial results must first be reviewed and approved by the EPA.

And finally, a sad reality: obesity rates, and obesity-related diseases, are up in 16 states, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. But the report also lists a number of recommendations to reverse this trend, and perhaps, in the foreseeable future, make it more fiction than fact.

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