Meet Health Coach Kathy Larson: Accomplished Athlete Advocates Daily Investment in Health

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
This post was written by Jessica Fornarotto

Kathy LarsonThis month’s inside look at a health coach, the choices he or she has made on the road to success, and the challenges ahead.

Excerpted from the May 2011 HealthCoach Huddle.

Kathy Larson, licensed health & wellness educator at Wellness Online.

HIN: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into health coaching?

LARSON: I was a physical education/health teacher in Wisconsin. I then became a certified personal trainer. Naturally, coaching was a fit because it focuses on behavior change.

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.

Not really. I’ve just always been very passionate about helping others and an accomplished athlete; thus, health and wellness was a natural fit for me to educate others on living a healthy lifestyle.

In brief, describe your organization.

We’re a wellness community. We do health risk appraisals and offer the coaching and education on disease prevention, along with helping human resources develop and implement effective corporate wellness programs that work! You need the right people promoting your programs and your superiors to buy into it and practice it themselves, if you want the team to jump on board for your ROI to improve.

What are two or three important concepts or rules that you follow in health coaching?

  • Change is good. An open mind allows for great energy, thus positive change and consistency is the key.
  • Incorporating variety so one is continuously stimulated allows for the opportunity to change.
  • Feed the need, not the want.

What is the single most successful thing that your company is doing now?

Helping others to identify their risk factors and educating them on how they can change simple things every day so they, too, can become healthier and happier. Attitude is huge! People need to open their minds and hearts to the possibility that they can take control of the direction their health is headed!

Do you see a trend or path that you have to lock onto for 2011?

Evolving coaching and helping people/companies better recognize that quick fixes are a waste of your money and time. Investing in one’s health daily and consistently is crucial to anyone’s success!

What is the most satisfying thing about being a health coach?

When clients let their walls down and embrace the fact that I just might know what I’m talking about and that I can help them, if they will allow themselves to try something different because what they’ve been doing isn’t working for them.

Where did you grow up?

Northern Maine, on the border of Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, where I was born.

What college did you attend? Is there a moment from that time that stands out?

University of Maine, Orono, Maine. So many [moments] to recall.

Are you married? Do you have children?

Divorced and a mother of 2; Logan, 15, and daughter Alix, 13.

What is your favorite hobby and how did it develop in your life?

Most sports. I played soccer in Europe for a few months. It taught me to be a leader and that my body, my life, is all contingent upon what I feed it and whether or not I choose to strengthen it to stay healthy. It’s a personal choice.

Is there a book you recently read or movie you saw that you would recommend?

The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zucav. It’s only when one chooses to connect with their inner self can they allow for change for themself.

Any additional comments?

Change truly is inevitable…the question is, do you want to have control over the direction in which you’re headed?

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