Post-Election, Healthcare Reform May Feel Funding Delays

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
This post was written by Melanie Matthews

Analysts are asking how huge Republican victories in last week’s midterm elections will impact healthcare reform.

“Minimal change, maybe some delays in funding,” contributed Steven Valentine, president of The Camden Group, in a follow-up to a recent webinar on healthcare trends for 2011.

“We have to remember, Medicare was putting a lot of these initiatives through ahead of Obama. We would have seen some of the bundled payments, new risk and payment methodologies and the Medicare reductions coming forward anyway.”

Valentine noted that Obama can still veto whatever changes the new Republican-heavy House of Representatives serves up. Any tweaks to the healthcare reform bill must be approved by both houses, and the President still has a Democratic majority in the Senate (albeit one that is somewhat reduced).

While federal monies are still available, five states that act fast can take advantage of HHS ‘Early Innovator’ grants to fund development of IT systems for state health insurance exchanges. The application process is featured in this week’s Healthcare Business Weekly Update. Also this week, learn how an IT-infused toolkit is preventing up to 90 falls per year by older adults in short-stay hospitals.

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